I enrolled for JOFll's screenwrit­ ing and grammar course with zero knowledge of screenwrit­ ing. This course gave me an in-depth understanding of form, structure, grammar, and invalu­ able resources that have set my screenwriting career on an upward trajectory. One of my scripts went on to win ashort film fund in2022. I owe my screenwriting career to JOFII.


The impact of JOFII and all its offshoot programs espe­cially the screenwriting and Point & Shoot videography/­ photography training work­ shops and Rock International Film Festival-RIFF, has been tremendous in all facets of my career. The organization has helped me to take a significant leap in my career. Thank you to JOFII and its incredible TEAM


After attending the JOFll's screenwriting workshop in 2021, I experienced a major shift in my career as a writer. Clarity was provided that helped me navigate my voice as a writer, I got into a paid workshop in Abuja shared on the JOFII training platform. I recently got into a fellowship by an organization in the U.S. where I will experience six months training in media and advocacy, all thanks to JOFII


The JOFII Point & Shoot training is exactly what I had been looking for at that time. It was presented in a very creative way. The way things are broken down and explained during the training has really helped me grasp and implement tech­niques I previously struggled with. I am truly grateful I got to meet really amazing persons.


In one word "Unforgettable". I learnt from seasoned pro­ fessionals on their creative process, consistency, building a craft and principles guiding it that I can build on. I'm inspired and would seize any oppor­tunity to tell these stories. I'd always be grateful for the opportunity.


Point and shoot a two week training organised by JOFII and I was opportuned to be a part of it. This training focuses on equipping the youth with skills (soft and hard) to thrive in the creative industry. Two words I would use to describe my experience is "INTENSE and IMPACTFUL