Our Vision:Is to introduce world-standard training programs, festivals, competitions, grants, awards and sports opportunities to the youth of Jos, thereby elevating local talents to the global stage.

Our Mission: Is to harness the expertise of local and international industry professionals to deliver best practice trainings, festivals, competitions, grants and awards in the creative, cultural and sports sectors to youths in Jos

  • Service to youths: Passion for service to the youths; excellent and high quality delivery of our core area of concentration
  • Creativity and Innovation:Fostering an environment that encourages fresh ideas, originality, and innovative approaches to nurture the creative industry in Jos.
  • Inclusivity:Embracing diversity and ensuring equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of background, gender or education to participate and thrive in the creative community.
  • Empowerment:Dedicated to empowering aspiring artists and creatives by providing them with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary for personal and professional growth.
  • Community Collaboration:Building strong partnerships and collaborative networks within the creative sector and beyond to amplify the impact of JOFII’s initiatives.
  • Excellence:Striving for excellence in every aspect of its activities, from training programs to events, with a commitment to delivering high-quality experiences and outcomes.
  • Sustainability:Promoting sustainable practices in the creative industry, ensuring that growth and development align with the long-term well-being of the community and the environment.

Resilience:┬áDemonstrating resilience in the face of challenges, adapting to change, and persistently working towards the organization’s vision despite obstacles

  • Narrative Transformation: Challenge and reshape the prevailing narrative of the Jos creative scene, moving from mere bragging rights to substantial accomplishments.
  • Building Support: Develop a robust base of enthusiasts and advocates for the cultural, creative arts, and sports sectors in Jos, with a primary focus on advancing film and entertainment.
  • Annual Activity Amplification: Instigate and execute yearly activities that amplify cultural, creative, and sports engagement in Jos, generating opportunities and employment within these sectors.
  • Talent Recognition: Acknowledge and celebrate talents in Jos through the annual Rock Awards ceremony.
  • Capacity Building: Provide training, development, and empowerment opportunities for cultural, creative, and sports talents in Jos. This includes initiatives such as Point & Shoot: Photography and Videography training workshop, Jos Photo-Video Walk Competition, and The Film Academy Interactive Reality TV Show (tfa) contest.
  • Creatives Database: Establish a comprehensive database for Jos’ creatives, encompassing filmmakers, actors, artists, musicians, models, fashion designers, photographers, photo-journalists, print editors, and entertainers, among others, through the iCenter.
  • Scale Up the idea: Eventually, we hope to expand this model to Africa