Our Key Achievements

Youth Empowerment Initiatives

Empowered over 100 youths, students and young filmmakers through specialized programs, workshops, and opportunities to address social and human rights

Successful Film Festivals

Hosted two annual Human rights film festivals- Rock International Film Festival{RIFF), showcasing a diverse array of both indigenous and international short, feature and documentary films addressing human rights issues.

Collaboration with Organizations

Forged successful partnerships with organizations such as; Movies that Matter, BOMA Links {US),Frontend Labs {UK), Versatyle-Vibe,National Human Rights Commission, Nigeria Police Force and NGOs etc; enhancing the reach and impact of JOFll’s initiatives.

Inspiring Film Makers & Activists

Inspired a new generation of filmmakers and human rights activists, fostering a community dedicated to using film as a tool for positive change.

High-Quality Film Screenings

Curated and screened more than 10 impactful films, initiating a number of meaningful conversations on human rights topics and raising awareness within the community.

Community Recognition

Earned recognition and trust within the local community, positioning JOFII as one of the leading advocate for human rights and cultural preservation.