The Journey

Once upon a time in the vibrant city of Jos, where creativity echoed through the hills, The Jos Film Initiative (JOFII) emerged from the passionate vision of Henry Samson Mafulul. Originally con­ceived as The Jos Film Project (JOFIP) in 2016, the first attempt at registration as a non-profit was unsuccessful. Undeterred, JOFIP gracefully transformed into JOFII, a symbol of resilience in the face of chal­lenges.

In the heart of Nigeria, Jos had long been a cradle of talent, nurturing actors, musi­cians, and artists who would later grace national and international stages. Yet, these success stories only echoed as “Bragging Rights,” failing to manifest into tangible growth for the Jos’ creative economy or/and industry/community.

The once-thriving hub seemed to be over­ shadowed by the allure of larger cities like Abuja, Lagos and other bigger Cities.

JOFII emerged as a beacon of change, fuelled by a burning desire to rewrite Jos’ narrative in the creative and entertainment industry. Recognizing the abundance of raw talents within the city, the initiative identified a crucial gap-lack of skills and structures for growth. Despite being Home to the National Film Corporation and the National Film Institute, Jos yearned for a resurgence. And so, the journey began. JOFII embarked on a mission to cultivate growth through youth-focused trainings, festivals, compe­titions, grants, awards, and even sports programs. Five transformative trainings since 2019 and two successful human rights film festivals marked the milestones on this path of revitalization.

With each event, JOFII became the archi­tect of change, building bridges between raw talent and industry expertise. The story unfolded as a narrative of hope, where the echoes of Jos’ past glory transformed into the footsteps of a vibrant future. The journey was not without challenges, but each obstacle only strengthened JOFll’s commitment to reshaping the destiny of Jos’ creative landscape.

As the pages turned, the story of JOFII has become synonymous with the revival of a city’s creative spirit. JOFII is now the ginger for other creatives to initiate other programs and the once-muted talks of inactivity trans­ formed into a resounding chorus of progress. Jos is gradually reviving, it is no longer just a birthplace or a stepping stone; it is becoming a thriving hub where creativity meets oppor­tunities, thanks to The Jos Film Initiative’s unwavering dedication to crafting a new chapter in history.